History of Buhatan River Eco Adventure

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The Buhatan River in Sorsogon City was once marred by trash and lifeless surroundings that impeded the possibility of having an abundant natural life in the area, as well as dependence of communities that could have used it as its main source of livelihood.It was, however, in 2015, when ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc’s Bantay Kalikasan—in partnership with the Department of Tourism and the Local Government of Sorsogon—through careful planning and strategizing, and working with the right partners, that the river finally saw the return to its original splendor. Thus, it was also then that the Buhatan Eco-River Adventure was born.

The Buhatan Eco-River Adventure has not only opened livelihood and economic opportunities to the communities in the area, but has also instilled in them the value of caring for the environment and utilizing its resources sustainably. Bantay Kalikasan built eco-tourism infrastructures and offered training and development support for the communities which have enabled them to become experts in tourism and hospitality management.

The Buhatan Eco-River Adventure is one of the most successful community-based tourism areas in Sorsogon City. Its activities include river and sunset cruising, bird watching, shrimp and oyster harvesting, and dining in a stilt restaurant with vast local delicacies and cuisines.

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